Tales Of The Walking Dead Review – AMC’s Undead Spinoff Is Liberating, But Inconsistent


Tales Of The Walking Dead Review – AMC’s Undead Spinoff Is Liberating, But Inconsistent

The initial episodes of the new Walking Dead anthology hint at season-long highs and lows.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21 Is Almost Here & Final Arc Pacing Concerns Explained

Here’s a video before episode 21 of The Walking Dead Season 11 drops focusing on what I’m expecting to see in the episode along with some pacing concerns I have for the last few episodes.

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The Walking Dead: 8 Spin-Offs Fans Would Like To See, According To Reddit | Breakdown Discussion

Welcome to Nerds of Comics Brotherhood Nation aka NocBro Nation Your source for comic reviews/news, movie / television news, reviews and reactions!

We discuss and breakdown an interesting topic from Reddit! 8 Spin-Offs Fans would want to see!

The Walking Dead Season 11 Reactions ►https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkFoBeUlVqeoPa_i0bvfS2_EZU7RV5kKu

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The Walking Dead: Every Spinoff CURRENTLY In Development REVEALED..

The Walking Dead: Every Spinoff CURRENTLY In Development REVEALED..

Welcome back to Film Tremble, today on the channel we are going to check out The Walking Dead: Every Spinoff In Development and what we know about them all + other related news. For awhile there it really seemed as though the flagship Walking Dead series would go on forever. AMC probably would have preferred it do so as it’s one of the network’s biggest-ever hits. But some casting turnover and the lack of new adaptation material from Robert Kirkman’s original comic series finally spelled the end for the show after 11 seasons. Even though The Walking Dead as a TV show may be shuffling off its mortal coil, The Walking Dead franchise isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s almost as if it’s some kind of…reanimated corpse or something? The Walking Dead had already led to the creation of two spinoffs before it left the air and now AMC seems content to produce many more. With so many Walking Dead spinoffs on the way, it can be hard to keep track of them all. So let’s do the work for you! Here are all the TV and movie projects set in The Walking Dead universe that have already aired or that are due to arrive soon.

Fear the Walking Dead. Not only does Fear the Walking Dead have the honor of being the first-ever Walking Dead spinoff, its episode count is now quickly approaching the show it was spun off from! Fear the Walking Dead first premiered on Aug. 23, 2015 and was intended to tell the story of the zombie apocalypse from a more urban perspective. The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The Walking Dead: World Beyond was an interesting experiment for the franchise. While the flagship series and Fear kind of just dragged along indeterminately, World Beyond had an ending point in mind of 20 episodes spread out over two seasons. Those 20 episodes largely followed four youthful citizens of the Omaha Campus Colony as they set out on an adventure to find one of their own’s father in the Civic Republic. Watch till the end for more on The Walking Dead: Every Spinoff In Development and what we know about them all.

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