PS5 Could Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller


PS5 Could Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller

A patent application shows a versatile system that could let a banana–or two bananas–become your game controller.

Playstation Users Are All Wrong About This

Playstation users were actually wrong. Will using wired communication on PS5 controller actually improve performance.. & reduce input lag? Don’t do this. In fact, using wired connection on PS4 DualShock 4 can make input delay worse! Here’s why. I tell you the real way to reduce input lag on Playstation 5 easy. For more tips & tricks for your Playstation, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! & leave a “LIKE” rating.

15 AMAZING PlayStation 5 Dualsense secrets! #PS5 ������

Check out these 15 little known secrets, tips and curiosities of this amazing controller!

How To Use PS5 Remote Play From ANYWHERE in the World! (iOS/Android/PC)

Ever want to play your PS5 away from home? It’s possible by following the steps in this video for any iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Travel back in time with nintendo ds online play games catalog and like it's yesterday.

Download Remote Play:


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this breaks your joy cons! ��

Hope this helps to warn people about correctly removing the joy cons from the Nintendo Switch to avoid bigger problems down the track!
They break really easy, stress test here –
And here’s how I fixed it –

UPDATE: I fixed it with this –

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