PS5 Could Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller


PS5 Could Let You Use A Banana As Your Controller

A patent application shows a versatile system that could let a banana–or two bananas–become your game controller.

Playstation Users Are All Wrong About This

Playstation users were actually wrong. Will using wired communication on PS5 controller actually improve performance.. & reduce input lag? Don’t do this. In fact, using wired connection on PS4 DualShock 4 can make input delay worse! Here’s why. I tell you the real way to reduce input lag on Playstation 5 easy. For more tips & tricks for your Playstation, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! & leave a “LIKE” rating.

15 AMAZING PlayStation 5 Dualsense secrets! #PS5 ������

Check out these 15 little known secrets, tips and curiosities of this amazing controller!

How To Use PS5 Remote Play From ANYWHERE in the World! (iOS/Android/PC)

Ever want to play your PS5 away from home? It’s possible by following the steps in this video for any iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Download Remote Play:


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this breaks your joy cons! ��

Hope this helps to warn people about correctly removing the joy cons from the Nintendo Switch to avoid bigger problems down the track!
They break really easy, stress test here –
And here’s how I fixed it –

UPDATE: I fixed it with this –

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