New Kojima Horror Game Overdose Reportedly Leaked, May Feature Death Stranding Actor


New Kojima Horror Game Overdose Reportedly Leaked, May Feature Death Stranding Actor

"Early footage" of the game, reportedly called Overdose, shows Qualley’s Death Stranding character in a blue dress, a report said.

Hideo Kojima Overdose Game | Kojima Game Leak | Hindi

Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about Hideo Kojima Overdose game because this is the latest Kojima game leak which you guys must know.

Hideo Kojima Overdose game is an upcoming horror game and it is not Silent Hill, this new Kojima game leak recently by a very reputable industry insider named Tom Henderson and which is why I am making this video.

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Nintendo’s Strange Sequel Revealed And Kojima’s Next Big Game Details Leak Online? | News Wave

Nintendo has reportedly been working on a sequel to a launch title for the Switch, unfortunately it sounds like development isn’t going so well. Hideo Kojima has been the topic of conversation for what’s next after Death Stranding. Now a new report appears to shed some light on what Kojima’s next big game is.

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12:51 – Kojima’s Next Game Rumored To Be Called Overdose

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Will Hideo Kojima’s Project Overdose Be a Horror Game? | Kojima and Xbox Partnership (Sinhala)(2022)

Hideo Kojima’s next game, which is rumored to be called Overdose, could be the auteur’s opportunity to make the horror game he has always dreamed of.

Within gaming, Hideo Kojima has made a name for himself thanks to his eccentric personality and the unique themes he weaves into his games, causing some to believe that his games predict the future. His games have always been lauded for their intricate gameplay, as his magnum opus, the Metal Gear series, cemented his name in the gaming history books and popularized the stealth genre.

After Kojima parted ways with Konami, he started his own studio, allowing him greater freedom to unleash his ideas. Gamers have already gotten a taste of unchained Kojima with Death Stranding, a game that has players making delivers in a post-apocalyptic America where the dystopian landscape is just as dangerous as the undead BTs that loom. While not all gamers were able to make sense of the game, it clicked with enough people for the public to be curious about what Kojima will do next.

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Overdose is the Leaked Horror Game from Kojima Productions

We got some HOT news off the press today ya’ll! Turns out Kojima Productions is working on a horor game but it isn’t Silent Hill or Death Stranding…We have multiple sources dropping leaks about the upcoming new game from Hideo Kojima and his studio Kojima Productions called Overdose. The game is suppose to be a narrative heavy horror game from the sounds of it and may end up being shown off at Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase this weekend or Summer Game Fest this Thursday. We got all that leaked information about Kojima Productions new game Overdose on another episode of Game Corner

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