Mad Max


Mad Max

Mad Max places players in the role of a lone warrior who must embark on a journey to reclaim his stolen interceptor from a deadly gang of marauders.

Mad Max – The Nightrider [HD]

Mad Max Scene Stars: Vincent Gil, Lulu Pinkus, Mel Gibson, Steve Bisley Director: George Miller Writers: George Miller, Byron Kennedy, James McCausland Producer: Byron Kennedy Music: Brian May Production: Kennedy Miller Productions, Mad Max Films Distributon: Roadshow Films Released: 1979

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Eli Fross – Mad Max feat. Lil Zay Osama (Official Video)

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Mad Max in 5 Minutes

Get up to speed on the adventures of Max Rockatansky before you take a trip down Fury Road.

Everything Wrong With Mad Max: Fury Road

This movie blew our minds. We loved it. It still has sins, dammit. And we’re still duty-bound to list them for you.

Next week: Modern horror favorite & a 2015 blockbuster

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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