Halo Show Has Mass Effect Easter Egg In Episode 1, Did You Catch It?


Halo Show Has Mass Effect Easter Egg In Episode 1, Did You Catch It?

The new TV series contains a reference to Mass Effect.

Halo: TV Series Review | A Halo-Mass Effect Fanfiction

My review for the Halo Tv Series by Paramount (who are out to silence reviews it appears) so watch now before I get wacked by the corpos 😛 really though, the Mass Effect comparisons are uncanny, and that’s ignoring the shots very clearly lifted from StarWars. These guys wanted to write something ‘Original’ by ignoring the Halo games and instead stole from other franchises 😀
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I’m So Confused After Episode 2 of the Halo TV-Series

Episode 2 of the Halo TV-Series just aired & decided to do a full reaction & a followup review on it. This episode feels less like Halo as there is definitely some Mass Effect & other sci-fi elements sprinkled throughout.

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Halo Episode 1 | My Brutally Honest Thoughts & Why I’m Worried About the Mass Effect TV-Series
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Halo the Series Episode 1: Contact – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore

The Halo TV series has finally arrived, and today we’ll cover all the easter eggs, lore, and references; or at least the ones I could find.

Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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Small Details You Missed In Halo Season 1

“Halo” spent years in development on the way to Paramount+, adapting decades’ worth of games, books, and comics for a space opera show like no other.

Now that the first season’s over – and with “Halo” season 2 confirmed – it’s time to dig into the little details you may have missed throughout the series’ first nine episodes.

From Master Chief’s heads-up display to the actress for Cortana continuing her role, the series is full of references to the games that inspired it – but it also dips into deep lore you may have never heard of.

If you’ve already seen our videos about the first few episodes of the series, come and finish the story with our list of small details you missed in “Halo” season 1.

#TVShow #Halo #SeasonOne

Planet Oban | 0:00
Cortana’s origins | 1:07
Cortana’s first words | 1:53
Covenant Hunters | 2:47
The Cole Protocol | 3:50
Forward Unto Dawn | 4:39
Hesiod, Metisette, and Eridanus II | 5:44
The Spartan kidnappings | 6:41
Soren’s tragic backstory | 7:40
Warthog variants | 8:56
Preston Cole | 9:40
The lucky one | 10:38
Miranda Keyes’ lab | 11:37
UNSC Pioneer | 12:48
Covenant warships | 13:59
Jackals and Grunts | 14:51
It’s all a game | 15:50
The vehicle level | 16:38
Brute Chieftains | 17:28
The Demon | 18:10
The Aspero System | 19:14
Spartan Laser | 20:06
Paradise Lost | 20:44
Dune tripping | 21:34
The portal and the monitor | 22:23
Protectors | 23:12
Gauss Lemonade | 23:53
Sparkling like glass | 24:33
Admiral Whitcomb | 25:21
The sleeping Grunts | 25:56
Zealots and Brutes | 26:33

Read full article: https://www.looper.com/806229/easter-eggs-you-missed-in-halo/