Ghost In The Shell Could Lose $60 Million After It Flops At Box Office


Ghost In The Shell Could Lose $60 Million After It Flops At Box Office

Paramount is heading for a big loss as the high profile anime adaption falters.

GHOST IN THE SHELL 2017 Box Office Disaster!

The live action Ghost In The Shell movie performed badly on opening weekend box office worldwide, some internet weirdos are not happy – SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:

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The Box Office Failure of “Ghost in the Shell (2017)” Is A Double-Edged Sword

As much as I wasn’t a huge fan of “Ghost in the Shell (2017),” its box office performance is something worth discussing.

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Why Hollywood Anime Movies Are So Bad | Movies Insider

Hollywood’s $100 million remake of “Ghost in the Shell” completely bombed at the box office, losing at least $60 million. It’s not alone, though. Virtually every Hollywood anime adaptation is critically panned and doesn’t make any money. From bad casting to terrible plot changes, here’s why Hollywood anime movies are so bad.


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Why Hollywood Anime Movies Are So Bad | Movies Insider

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