Gabe Newell Open To Working With Microsoft To Bring Game Pass To Steam


Gabe Newell Open To Working With Microsoft To Bring Game Pass To Steam

Valve doesn’t plan to make its own subscription service but is open to working with Microsoft to add Game Pass to Steam.

Fastest way to move Steam games from one PC to another

Found yourself reinstalling Windows and needing to restore an old game installation? Need to copy a game from a friend’s PC to your PC? Want to do it quickly with no internet needed? Well, it’s super simple and easy to do. SPON: Best tool to move Steam games to new PC
Steam does most of the work, all you need to do is own the game you want to copy and just copy it directly, by using a USB or some other method of file sharing.

0:00 – Explanation
0:36 – Backup method
1:07 – Faster method
1:44 – Importing to another computer
2:30 – .acf file

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How to add Microsoft Store Games to Steam!(Quick Tips)

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Xbox Game Pass Could Soon Come to Steam Deck & Steam on PC

As the Steam Deck reviews start coming out, PC Gaming asked Gabe Newell if Xbox Game Pass could ever come to Steam. And he said yes. This is huge Xbox news as a Steam Xbox Game Pass collaboration would be great for gamers looking to try a plethora of games. Xbox games on Steam are currently available, but Phil Spencer has been chatting with about the Valve Steam Deck news and asks from the community to add Xbox games via Xbox game pass on steam. Some pretty interesting stuff, but there are some hurdles to get over first.

Kotaku Article

PC Gamer Article

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